Our Mission-All text and photos on the Alliance for the Lost Boys web site is copyright protected and cannot be used without written permission.

  • To educate American students, teachers and the general public about the current and past conflicts of Sudan and to raise awareness for the continued suffering and needs of the South Sudanese people.
  • To support the emergency medical needs of local Lost Boys and other South Sudanese residing in Jacksonville, Fl.
  • To provide college scholarships and books for local Lost Boys (and other local South Sudanese if funds allow), at select colleges and universities in Jacksonville.
  • To partner with other 501(c)-3 organizations in an effort to fund and facilitate rebuilding efforts such as the construction of schools and clinics, water wells and other humanitarian projects in South Sudan.
  • To supply needed educational tools such as pencils, paper, and books or other supplies deemed necessary for the success of schools in Southern Sudan.
  • To provide tutoring and mentoring as needed, and as volunteers are available.
  • To empower local Sudanese by providing a college education, encouragement and needed tools for becoming successful, independent and productive members of their communities in both the US and in The Republic of South Sudan.

Alliance for the Lost Boys of Sudan is a registered 501 C-3 Foundation EIN #59-3808251