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While traveling in Southern Sudan, as part of a US delegation from The Lost Boys and Girls National Network based in Washington DC, delegates (including Joan Hecht and Atem Da’Hajhock), met with government and civic officials, members of the clergy, rural villagers and Lost Boys and Girl representatives from Sudan. The purpose of the delegation was to assess the current needs for humanitarian assistance in Sudan, encourage voter registration and also to relay the tireless efforts of US Sudanese Diaspora who are assisting with re-building efforts in Sudan, providing humanitarian relief and raising awareness for the people of Southern Sudan.

US Lost Boys from the delegation were reunited with family members during our trip, as well as with former teachers from Kakuma Refugee Camp and SPLM soldiers that accompanied and assisted them on their long journey to Ethiopia, Sudan and Kakuma. It was an amazing and healing experience and we extend out deepest gratitude to the SPLM/A, GOSS (Government of South Sudan), local clergy, The NDI, The Memorial Hospital staff, Jongelei government officials and all the people of  Southern Sudan who greeted us with open arms and warm hospitality. 



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