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Alliance for the Lost Boys of Sudan, Sudanese/American Cultural Art Exchange


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While traveling in South Sudan, Alliance for the Lost Boys of Sudan founder and Lost Boy mentor, Joan Hecht, with assistance from various Lost Boys, conducted a Cultural Art Exchange Project between US students from New Jersey and Florida and students from the Yomchiir Primary School, Juba village and the Ayak Anguei Girls School in South Sudan. Demonstrated in the project was both the differences and the similarities of students from the two different countries.

web art sudan 2web sudan art work2               sudan art 1.

Children were asked to complete one of the below sentences, and were then asked to draw a picture to correspond with that sentence *Colored pencils and paper were donated by Office Max – Southside Blvd in Jacksonville, Fl. and from students at Fieldstone Middle School in Montvale, NJ. Students from Mrs. Bellemy’s 5th grade class in Jacksonville, Florida donated a soccer ball and pump, lollipops and band-aids. * This is an on-going program as allowed by security and communication limitations in South Sudan.

1. If I could do anything in the world I would __________.

2. If I could be anyone in the world I would be_________.

3. In my spare time I like to __________.

4. My name is ____I’m ____years old and I live in (America/South Sudan) it’s ____________.

5. In 10 years I want to ___________.

Upon returning to the US, the completed sentences and art work were displayed in schools in Florida and in New Jersey. Visit the links below to view additional photos of the students and their art work: