South Sudan Student Pen Pal Questions and Answers-All text and photos on the Alliance for the Lost Boys web site is copyright protected and cannot be used without written permission.

1. How is life in Sudan right now?

  • a) Life is not good because of the shortage of food and water
  • b) There is insecurity in Sudan
  • c) There is civil war amongst the communities

2. Are you living in your village or in a refugee camp?

  • a) I am living in my village

3. What is your school day like?

  • a) The school is not fully constructed
  • b) There are not enough classes
  • c) We enjoy learning together and we look after our cattle when we go back home from school

4. What kind of food do you eat?

  • a) Sorghum, sugar, PSB beans and oil are the most consumed by the pupils

5. What subjects do you study in school?

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • CRE
  • Agriculture

6. Are you learning English?

  • a) Yes

7. What is your teacher like? If you misbehave, what does your teacher do?

  • The pupils are caned and there is also suspension for indiscipline pupils.
  • Guidance and counseling is enhanced.

8. Do you have books, paper, pens, or pencils?

  • a) Yes, but the books, papers, pens or pencils are not enough for the pupils.

9. How many students are in your class or school?

1st School:

  • CLASS 1 – 207
  • CLASS 2 – 198
  • CLASS 3 – 235
  • CLASS 4 – 217
  • CLASS 5 – 134
  • CLASS 6 – 103
  • CLASS 7 – 100
  • CLASS 8 – 40
  • TOTAL – 1234

2nd School:

  • CLASS 1 – 385
  • CLASS 2 – 88
  • CLASS 3 – 65
  • CLASS 4 – 63
  • CLASS 5 – 53
  • CLASS 6 – 28
  • TOTAL – 681

3rd School:

  • CLASS 1 – 353
  • CLASS 2 – 60
  • CLASS 3 – 59
  • CLASS 4 – 39
  • CLASS 5 – 35
  • TOTAL – 546

10. Do you want to come to the United States? Why or why not?

  • a) There are no good schools here where one can achieve his goals in future.
  • b) There are no concrete build schools and some of us become ill during rainy seasons as we learn under trees.

11. What do you like to do in your free time?

  • a) Going to church, playing football (soccer), reading and singing

 * Second Pen-Pal Exchange

1. What is school like in Sudan?  Is it fun?

  •   We like to go to school. It is fun.

2. Question:  What subjects do you study?

  •  Science, social studies, English, math, technology

3. Question:  What sports to kids play in Sudan?

  •  Soccer

4. Question:  What is the most dangerous animal you could encounter in Sudan?

  •  Lion, crocodile, hippo, tiger, leopard, elephant

5. Question:  What kind of music do you like?

  •  Instrument music

6. Question:  What is you favorite food?

  •  Chicken

7. Question:  Do you grow your own food?

  • Yes, millet and sorghum

8. Question:  What is your favorite activity?

  • Playing football (soccer), running

9. Question:  What do you play with?

  • Soccer ball

10. Question:  How long is your school day?

  • 7:00AM to 1:00PM

11. Question:  How do you celebrate your birthday?

  • There is no special celebration. 

12. Question:  How are the living conditions in Sudan?

  • We live in tukuls (huts).

13. Question:  How many families live together in one house?

  • Father, mother, uncle, aunt, grandfather, grandmother

14.Question:  Do you have computers at your school?

  • No.    (Technology, as we know it in the United States, is likely to be many years in the future for students in South Sudan. However, they do have 2 computers in the village so that they can practice keyboarding. There is, of course, no internet available.  Since there is no electricity, the computers are powered through a solar panel.)

15. Question:  Would you ever want to come live in New Jersey?

  • YES!

16. Question:  What does your house look like?

  • It is round with mud walls and a grass roof.

17. Question:  If anything could be sent from our homes in New Jersey, what would you want and why?

  • Musical instruments.  We like music.

18. Question:  How many siblings do most people have in Sudan?

  • Three or four.

19. Question:  If you do not behave well, what is your punishment?

  • We are caned with a stick.

20. Question:  What type of folktale/stories/myths do you have in Sudan?

  • Stories about our ancestors. ( Note from Joan Hecht- Family histories are often passed from one generation to the next through songs, names and stories as there is typically no means for writing/recording families’ histories in rural villages).

21. Question:  At school do you have recess or expressive arts activities like woodshop, art, music, etc?

  • Yes, art and wood shop.

22. Question:  Are there seasons in Sudan?

  • Yes, dry and wet.

23. Question:  Do you use everyday technology in Sudan like television, computers, radios, microwaves, ovens, etc?

  • Yes, some people have radios. (Note from Joan Hecht- Radios in Sudan are usually hand cranked as batteries are not readily available).

24. Question:  If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

  • (The students had no response for this question.)

25. Question:  Is it fun to be in Sudan or do you wish you could live somewhere else?

  • Somewhere else.

26. Question:  Where do you get your clothes?  At a market or passed down from somewhere?

  • At the market.