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Looking For A Published Author to speak about: The Lost Boys of Sudan, Volunteering or People Who Are Making A Difference?

Joan Hecht has been a full time volunteer, mentor and “mom” to Lost Boys of Sudan for 15 years. She is founder and President of Alliance for the Lost Boys of Sudan and the award winning author of the book “The Journey of the Lost Boys,” which chronicles the courageous journey taken by the Lost Boys of Sudan and her amazing journey as a mentor, supporter and “mom.” If you’d like to book Ms. Hecht for your next middle school, high school, college, business, media or special event see contact info below. (Attendance by Lost Boys is subject to availability).

Contact info: joanrh@bellsouth.net Visit the links on the left to view both upcoming and previous speaking engagements by Joan Hecht and members of the Alliance for the Lost Boys of Sudan.

Audience Reviews for Author and Lost Boys of Sudan  Speaking Events

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