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  • Please note:

  • *If you are seeking employment opportunities with Alliance for the Lost Boys of Sudan, we are an all volunteer foundation and have no paid positions available.

  • *We are not accepting applications for Internships at this time. 

  • * Please be advised that we are unable to return International phone calls. If this is an urgent matter or in regards to a time sensitive interview please attempt to contact us by phone or email. Thank you!

  • *The Alliance does not participate in multi-level marketing programs or web-site advertising campaigns.



Like most non-profit organizations, raising funds to support our work is a constant and challenging battle, and in today’s economic climate, we realize that many people are unable to give monetarily. Therefore, Alliance for the Lost Boys of Sudan has compiled a list in which we hope everyone can contribute something of value to assist us in our efforts to serve the people of Southern Sudan. And as always, we greatly appreciate your support! 


 *Alliance for the Lost Boys of Sudan is a registered 501 C-3 non-profit foundation.


Current Needs:

iPad, iPhone, netbook or small laptops (not more than two years old and in good working condition), digital camera's.

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Use Your Creative Talents:

  • If you’re a graphic designer/artist, we need you!
  • Make a video about our cause post it on YouTube or in film classes and contests.
  • Offer your time and expertise in grant writing for the Alliance.
  • Write an article about the Alliance and publish it in your school paper or your company magazine/ newsletter.
  • If you’re technically savvy, offer assistance to occasionally assist us with our web site.
  • Help us with posting Alliance videos or radio interviews on our website.
  • Create a blog about the Alliance and enlist your friends and family to read it.
  • If you read and liked the book “The Journey of the Lost Boys” or other books/films about Sudan, write a favorable review on Amazon or your blog.
  • Spread the word about the Alliance for the Lost Boys to all your twitter and Facebook friends.
  • Enter the Alliance into monetary contests that benefit and help promote our cause.
  • Donate your marketing and advertising services.
  • Volunteer your photographic talents to record special events or people associated with the Alliance.
  • Volunteer to edit our website or press releases.
  • “Like” us on Facebook at “Alliance for the Lost Boys of Sudan.”
  • Donate your social media saavy and talents to assist the Alliance on the web!
  • Donate items (tickets, vacation homes, memorabilia, etc) for fund raising auctions.
  • Watch and share our YouTube videos –You Came To Me
    and  Mission SSS


Enlist the Help of Your Employer or Fellow Employees


  • If your company gives charitable donations to local/national organizations, ask them to add the Alliance for the Lost Boys to their charitable organizations list.
  • Host a bake sale or book sale at your company (if allowed).
  • If your company participates in payroll giving for charities, inform your employer of the amount you want to give and the frequency in which you’d like to give.
  • Host a company lunch Walk- A -Thon.



Sing For Sudan

If you’re a professional singer or band, hold a “Sing For Sudan” fundraiser or donate profits from the sale of your recordings/ shows to support one of our causes in The Republic of South Sudan.(scroll down for more info on our work in Sudan). Post a blurb about our work and provide a link to us on your website. Thank you!


Celebrity Awareness

Celebrities- Please post a comment about our cause and provide a link to our site on your web site, tweets, FacePage, etc.  Thank you!


Donate Your Professional Services

  • Offer legal services (immigration, traffic, other).
  • Donate dental services for Sudanese without insurance.
  • Donate medical services for Sudanese without insurance.
  • Donate eye exams for Sudanese without insurance.
  • Donate surgical procedures for Sudanese without insurance.
  • Offer to tutor in academics or ESOL.


Assist in Raising Much Needed Funds for the Alliance


  • Make a secure donation on line via PAYPAL. EIN #59-3808251
  • Host a fund raising event such as a home party, walk, bake sale or other events. We love new ideas!
  • Nominate our organization for contests and awards that offer cash donations for the Alliance. 



Raise Funds For One of Our Many Projects in South Sudan:

 G.O.A.T.S. (Giving Others the Ability to Survive) Program

codys goat 2. 

The Alliance G.O.A.T.S. Program is an on-going program that helps women at risk and their children, in various regions of South Sudan, such as in Bahr-El-Ghazal, Yei and Jongelei State. Through your donation of $60.00 you can provide a goat to a needy widow or woman and her children in Southern Sudan:
  • Goats provide milk for sustainability and require very little to survive.
  • Goats milk can be used to make butter and cheese.
  • Goats produce fertilizer for crops.
  • Goats can produce 2-3 offspring each year, which can be sold to purchase food, clothing or medical treatment for needy women and children.
  • Goats are drought hardy and eat almost anything.
  • Offspring can be raised and sold for profit, as can the milk and cheese they produce.


Bor Holes (Water Wells)

 water well alebeji villager kids play water fb 

The Alliance for the Lost Boys of Sudan recently completed drilling two Bor Holes in Kiir and Wernyol South Sudan, located in Jongelei State. Less than half the population of South Sudan (approximately 8-10 million people) has access to clean drinking water. Please help us as we strive to change those statistics by raising awareness and funds towards this important cause!


“Go Green-Give Light to Sudan”  

 web solar light girl heidi WEB 

When the sun goes down in Southern Sudan, the world becomes pitch black. You can’t even see your hands in front of your face. Rural villagers are forced to walk in darkness over deadly snakes and scorpions and children are unable to complete class assignments for school.

For a $25.00 donation to Alliance for the Lost Boys of Sudan, you can give a solar flash light to a needy villager in South Sudan.

All photos on this site are copyright protected and can NOT be copied or used without written permission from the Alliance or the photographers.

Alliance for the Lost Boys of Sudan is a registered 501 C-3 Foundation EIN #59-3808251