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kuek and barry(1)

Dr. Barry Efron and Kuek Biar

While living in Africa, Lost Boy Kuek Biar, like most children in Southern Sudan, had no shoes to protect his feet. While walking hundreds of hundreds of miles across the wilds of Africa, a stick became lodged in Kuek’s foot. “There were no doctors or medicine at that time,” says Kuek. “So I pulled the stick out by myself. But some of the stick remained. The bleeding would not stop, so I filled the wound with pebbles and dirt.” The stick remained in Kuek’s foot for over ten years, a painful reminder of the constant suffering he endured following separation from his family during the Civil War.

On December 20th, 2006 Dr. Barry Efron, a local Podiatry surgeon, generously agreed to remove the stick from Kuek’s foot, at no charge to Kuek. With help from private sponsors we were able to pay his expensive deductibles for the hospital and anesthesiologist. For the first time in many years, Kuek is hopeful that he can leave behind the many painful memories of his past and build new memories for the future in America.




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