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This year, as we celebrate the season of miracles, Hanukah
and the birth of Jesus Christ, Alliance for the Lost Boys of Sudan is celebrating another miracle…

A few weeks ago, we were contacted by, Melissa Taitt, a clinical secretary at a rehabilitation center in New York. Ms Taitt pleaded for help with one of the clinic’s patients, who happened to be a former Lost Boy from Sudan. Sadly, this young man, Peter, was involved in a horrific car accident shortly after he arrived in the US, which left him with permanent brain damage and significant memory loss. In the initial days following his accident, friends and family members visited him at the hospital on a regular basis. However, doctors later decided to move him to a nursing home for long term care. Because his friends and family members lacked the proper documentation to prove they were related to Peter, they were not informed of his whereabouts. As new refugees to our country, they didn’t understand our legal system and had no one they could turn to for assistance.

After experiencing years of separation from their family and friends following civil war in their homeland, these young men were forced to endure separation yet again, in America. They remained separated for approximately 5-6 years, until Ms. Taitt, contacted our president, Joan Hecht, pleading for help. She said that Peter had an over whelming desire to reconnect with friends and family members, but unfortunately he had no memory of how he came to the US, where he had lived, or the names and contact info of his friends and family. Ms. Taitt had exhausted all means for finding Peter’s family, but to no avail. Even more distressing, Peter’s medical benefits would soon expire, leaving him homeless and without the medical treatment that he required.

After thoroughly interviewing Ms. Taitt and acquiring pertinent intake information regarding Peter, Ms. Hecht set her investigative skills and global connections in action. She contacted people around the world, interviewing and enlisting their help. As a result, Peters resettlement agency was located within 24 hours and with their help, his medical benefits were re-instated. Within 48 hours, Ms. Hecht was able to locate Peter’s relatives and a long awaited reunion was scheduled. One of Peter’s relatives called Ms. Hecht to thank both she and Ms. Taitt for their efforts in reuniting them with Peter. Ms. Hecht told him that “all thanks should be directed upward, because this was a God thing and that someone must have prayed and asked for God’s help and He had simply answered their prayer. His relative responded by saying,  “Yes, your right. Just two weeks ago, friends and family members gathered together to devise a plan for finding Peter. We all prayed that day and asked for God’s help in finding him and He has answered our prayers.”

Miracles come in many ways and forms, for some, in the form of temple candles that remained lit for 8 days without sufficient oil, for others, in the form of a baby boy born in a lowly manger, who would become the Savior of the world. But this year, for the Alliance of the Lost Boys of Sudan, and for Peter Deng Alier and his family and friends, a miracle came through heartfelt prayers and the efforts of everyday people who joined hearts and hands to help reunite an injured Lost Boy with his loved ones.

Thank you for your continued support, which helps us to create
miracles in the lives of those we serve! 


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