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Alliance for the Lost Boys- Volunteer Spotlight

Alliance for the Lost Boys of Sudan is one of the longest running all-volunteer foundations assisting Lost Boys and Sudanese refugees in the US. Our tremendous success has been the sole result of numerous people from all walks of life and varying ages, who have joined their hearts and hands together to make a difference in the lives of the South Sudanese people. We’d like to extend our deepest thanks and gratitude to each of you. We’d also like to highlight some of our incredible volunteers on this page, in hopes that their efforts will inspire and motivate others to make a difference in the world by volunteering in their community and abroad.

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IMG_3474(1)  lora

Meet Lora and Stan Geftic of New Jersey:

We first met Lora after she booked Ms. Hecht and Atem Da’Hajhock for an author/speaking event at the high school where she teaches in New Jersey.  A lasting friendship was quickly formed and Lora and her husband, Stanley, have helped immensely in raising funds for the Alliance, including contributions for local Lost Boys who lost everything in a devastating fire. Lora also designed and printed the cover for the Lost Boys Praise and Worship CD.

A trip to New York or New Jersey is not complete without a visit from Lora and Stanley, who often serve as tour guides in New York. And no one ever goes hungry if Lora’s around! Thanks Lora and Stanley for making a difference!


Meet the Micolucci Family:

Dr. Vic Micolucci, his wife Jeanne and their children Vic, Mark and Kristen have been volunteering with Alliance for the Lost Boys of Sudan since 2004, when their son Mark (then 14) attended our first fundraiser at the San Marco theatre. We featured the movie “The Lost Boys of Sudan” by Meg Mylan and Jon Shank and Mark was so touched that he asked all his friends to bring donations for the Alliance to his upcoming Birthday party instead of gifts. He raised $180.00 in donations and well… the rest is history! Mark’s entire family became involved with the Alliance helping with various needs, such as health care and distribution of medicines, fund raising, creating awareness and the distribution of much needed items in our local Sudanese community. Vic, a local reporter with Channel 4 News, has featured us in stories throughout his journalism studies and career. On our 2004 visit to South Sudan, the Micolucci’s helped with purchasing and selecting the much needed medicines that we delivered to the Lost Boys and Girls Memorial Hospital in Werkok. Thanks Micolucci family for helping us to make a difference in the lives of the South Sudanese people!


The Lawrence Family (Paul, Sian, Clare, Matt and Victoria) has been
volunteering with the Alliance since 2004. Most notably, Victoria
Lawrence, who has helped with all sorts of projects from sorting jewelry
for fundraisers, appearing in our Mission SSS video, helping with
children’s parties, sorting tennis shoes for distribution to local
Sudanese and the list goes on and on… Thank you Lawrence family for
making a difference in the lives of Southern Sudanese!


photo hlbs kids(1)


Students from Connecticut Middle School formed HLBS GROUP (Help the Lost
Boys of Sudan) and volunteered their time and efforts to sell baked
goods in their community, resulting in over $500. in donations for our Mission SSS fund. Way to go students! Thanks for making a difference!


National Honor Society Students from Puerto Rico give BIG TIME to Alliance for the Lost Boys !

National Honor Society Students and staff from The Baldwin School of Puerto Rico hosted and sponsored an incredible fund raiser for Alliance for the Lost Boys of Sudan, along with NHS students from The American Military Academy (with the second largest number of students participating), Perpetuo? Socorro, Colegio Puertorriqueño de Niñas, Tasis Dorado,Commonwealth School of Puerto Rico, Robinson School, Saint John’s School, Academia Maria Reina, Cupeyville School, Colegio San Ignacio, Academia San José. Over 1400 students worked tirelessly through the night simulating the walk of the Lost Boys and participating in various activities that helped to raise a whopping $50,000 for the Alliance. Funds raised were used to drill two water wells and initiate GOAT programs in various locations in South Sudan. Thank you Puerto Rico NHS students! See the Thank you video from local Lost Boys.

web jamie waters photo.

Jamie Waters is part of the extraordinary team at Giga Savvy/White Ink Studios who designed and also host our beautiful website. Jamie has such a giving heart and sweet spirit. He has personally taken me under his wing and has guided me for countless hours through the tangled webs of the techno world. He’s taught me things I never dreamed possible like how to create tabs and pages for our website, upload photos, update content (including writing in code!) and SO MUCH more! I must confess, this was no easy feat!! But no matter the time or day, Jamie is always there to answer the call when sending out a big HELP!!!! A special thanks to my new BFF Jamie Waters, along with Corey Mangold (CEO) and the Giga Savvy/White Ink Team! You are such a blessing to us! We can’t say enough good things about you! (Joan Hecht)

More Volunteer Spotlights coming soon!


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