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Try to remember the hottest day of your life and how you desperately yearned for a cool drink of water. Now consider this:

Even though temperatures soar to 120 degrees in southern Sudan, less than half the population (8-9 million people) has access to clean drinking water. Some people have to walk miles/hours just to scoop up muddy, parasite infested water from puddles, diminishing river beds and dilapidated Bor Holes.

You can help us change those statistics by making a secure,Tax Free Donation to Alliance for the Lost Boys of Sudan.

Alliance for the Lost Boys of Sudan recently contracted CARE International to drill two Bor Holes (water wells) in Jongelei State, South Sudan in the villages of Kiir and Wernyol. (The average cost for drilling a Bor hole in South Sudan is $15,000). We also partnered with Water Harvest International, sponsoring four additional wells at Lakura Primary School in Lukura Village, Kajo Keji, outside Juba and the village of Moroyuki. Each of these water wells provides clean drinking water for thousands of rural villagers. With your help, we can drill many more! Please DONATE NOW!

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A girl scoops muddy, parasite infested drinking water from polluted river

In most cases, it is a long walk to water. Once finding muddy streams,
puddles or rivers, the villagers, usually women and young girls, must
carry the water in heavy jugs on their heads for miles on the return
trip to their village.

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